Once again watching Ancient Aliens got me thinking. If we ignited nuclear weapons in 1945 for the first time, did they trigger visitations from outer space?  Roswell happened in 1947 and apparently there was some Russian “Roswell” in 1948.  Physics has dictated that nothing can go faster than the speed of light.  I shall assume that conclusion is true.  If so, could it be that our alien visitors, if they occurred, live within two light years?

Many have speculated that it was our detonating of nuclear weapons that caused aliens to visit our planet to see what the heck was going on at this big blue ball.  If this is true and alien visitations en masse started happening approximately two years later, then isn’t it clear that these aliens must theoretically live within 2-3 light years or less? A lot less?

I’m no expert in alien visitations or physics, but it would appear to me that aliens are closer to Earth than many think. Should make it much easier to find “habitable” planets, should it not?