Ancient Mysteries – Present Day Theories

I’ve been watching a lot of History Channel programs lately as I recover from surgery. Some of these programs have dealt with ancient alien theories which I have had an interest in since boyhood.  One in particular that has caught my eye is known as the Band of Holes in Peru.  Apparently these holes, which are 8 holes wide and run for about 2 miles, have been investigated, but nobody has been able to figure out what purpose they served. After watching several different shows and doing extensive research and analysis investigating this mystery, I believe I may have the answer.

The Band of Holes is clearly a rudimentary computer message board. The band of holes are eight holes wide in almost every instance for about two miles (and possibly where it is less than eight holes, the missing holes have merely been removed over time). Messages were sent using something similar to an 8-bit ASCII Character Code with various binary code characters determined by “1” or “0” in a row of 8 digits/holes. By lighting a fire in holes that represented “1” and placing no fire in holes representing “0” a lengthy message could be programmed, or mapped out, on the ground which would then be visible from the sky. Another possibility would have been to use fires burning two different colors (of flame or smoke to make them glow different colours) or of two different intensities (a raging fired in one and a low smolder in another) to indicate “1” or “0” in each row to represent the corresponding 8-bit character. While it is impossible to determine if this theory is correct, it seems the most likely scenario to explain the existence of this two-mile wide band of holes in Peru.

If the ancient people of this region were trying to communicate with people in the sky and all evidence suggests that they were, then coding a message that could be seen and read from the sky would be an obvious way of communicating. By using an ASCII code or some similar 8-bit binary code in a two-mile long message board, lengthy messages could be created and communicated to those watching from the skies. Similar sights exist around the world frequently substituting megaliths for holes and may have been similar binary message boards.

One way to test this theory would be to do an archaeological dig at the site to determine if there are remnants of wood, ash, carbon and other debris in the individual holes. While it is true that the remains from these fires could have been regularly removed by the ancient people, it is also possible that at least some evidence of this practice has not been washed away and remains to this day.  Even if no carbon debris is found in or around the holes, it does not mean that this is not what this site was used for as the individual fires could have been contained in clay pots set into the holes, but I don’t put much weight into that sub-theory.

I welcome any comments from those who have investigated this ancient mystery and what their thoughts are on this theory.


Brad Alton

P.S. Since I wrote this blog back in early April 2015, I have since been alerted to a History Channel Ancient Aliens episode “The Mission” wherein at one point Giorgio Tsoukalos lists a number of theories for the Band of Holes and one theory mentioned is in fact as a message or way of posting a message to people in the sky.  So I must give Mr. Tsoukalos credit for stating it as a possible theory apparently years before I was aware of them.  Nevertheless, I believe it just adds weight to my theory that it was a binary code message board.


A recent scientific expedition has apparently examined the site and proposed that the site is an ancient tribute tax gathering site.  Their theory is that citizens would go to the manned site and leave their tribute (tax) in one of the individual holes where the government would maintain accountants who would accept the tribute.

This theory is full of holes (no pun intended).  It is nonsensical to suggest that a government of any kind would go to the top of a mountain range and dig a whole bunch of holes extending out miles and then have citizens fill them with tribute to be credited to their tax account. Talk about bizarre.  If the government was collecting tribute, why not just have the villager show up with their tribute, record it on a tablet or reed or leaf or whatever and put it in a big pile to take to the king or ruler?  Even if you wanted to separate coconut from corn from gold, you would not need over 6,000 holes.  What build it on top on of a mountain where it is more exposed to the sun and elements which would cause said tribute to rot faster?  Why dig thousands of holes?  Why dig them over a two mile span?

In short, this new “scientific” theory is so flawed to be not worthy of serious consideration.  While my theory that they were fire pits for binary coded messages, but it makes much more sense than this latest “scientific” guess.





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